In Postcards and Souvenir Albuns
João Emilio Gerodetti e Carlos Cornejo

This dining car for a broad-gauge railway was built in the Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro workshops. Finely decorated, it could accommodate up to 36 passengers, who were required to wear formal attire. On the website Estações Ferroviárias [Trains Stations], Ralph Mennucci Giesbrecht shares an episode related by the Belodi family in 1906. The locale mentioned is on a stretch of track between Rincão and Bebedouro: Only once were we able to arrive in time to see the train approaching, ringing its bells and stopping right before us. Had it been possible, I would have asked the boy, who was about my size and with a man who was probably his father – the two of them were eating something with such pleasure – how that small glass vase of daisies on the table didn’t tip over with the rocking of the train.