In Postcards and Souvenir Albuns
João Emilio Gerodetti e Carlos Cornejo

The metal Dr. Francisco Sá bridge, of the Estrada de Ferro Noroeste do Brasil, spanned the Rio Paraná on the border of São Paulo and Mato Grosso (present-day Mato Grosso do Sul. Extending 1,024 meters, the bridge was inaugurated in 1926. Prior to this, the river crossing took place in Jupiá, using a system of barges propelled by two powerful tugboats, the Conde de Frontin and the Marechal Hermes. One locomotive on each side of the river placed and removed freight cars from the barges, taking them to the main track where they were coupled with the long-haul locomotives. Passengers had to leave the cars to be transported to the other side of the river by boat. They then boarded a train that was waiting for them in the neighboring state.