Miners, Distrito Diamantino, gold,  diamonds


Miners from the Distrito Diamantino washing the alluvial soil rich in gold and diamonds, in a watercolor print from the book Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy and Geology, by John Mawe, published in London in 1821, and belonging to the collection of Carlos Alberto Barroso Fernandes. Reproduction by Marcelo Lerner.

Mawe, a mineralogist and collector, wrote about his adventures in the region of  Vila do Príncipe, current Serro, where he acquired gold samples in 1809: “They found in the washings, at a distance of six leagues, a gold nugget weighing several pounds. I obtained, at the same place, nuggets of more than two ounces, as well as huge crystals, which I still have in my possession, one of which is considered unique.”