Diamond claim on Rio Lageado, close to the village of Lageado, current Guiratinga, in the river basin of Rio das Garças, Mato Grosso, in 1931. The famous “Jalmeida” diamond with 109.50 carats was found on its tributary, Rio Bandeira, in 1924, provoking a rush. It is possible to observe various work implements, such as the improvised canoe, diving suit and large wooden pans. Some people from the group are visitors, there is a woman in the middle and one of the prospectors exhibits his gun in the cartridge belt. Photograph taken during the expedition of Hermano Ribeiro da Silva, from São Paulo, in 1931, together with his colleagues Francisco Brasileiro, Domiciano Uchoa Fagundes, Manuel Pires do Rio and Durval Xavier, whose adventures were described in the book Garimpos de Mato Grosso, in 1936. Sertanista Hermano Ribeiro da Silva commanded Bandeira Anhanguera, to contact the aloof Xavantes Indians, in the region of Rio Xingu, in Serra do Roncador, northwest Mato Grosso, when he died of malarial cachexia on November 24, 1937, close to Cocalinho, on the border of Mato Grosso and Goiás, his death causing great consternation in the capital city of São Paulo. Postcard from the collection of  Carlos Cornejo.