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ardcover book with 712 pages and
1,200 colorful photographs,
engravings and drawings. Its closed
format is 24x18 centimeters and the
cover price is of R$160.00


Table of Contents

6  CPRM - Geological Survey of Brazil
10 Preface of Rui Ribeiro Franco
11 Preface of Luiz Alberto Dias Menezes Filho
12 Preface of Carlos Cornejo
13 Preface of Andrea Bartorelli
15 The lithic art of indians from Brazil
20 The idols and statuettes of the sambaquis
28 Lithic art objects, ritual, artistic and ornamental
33 Muiraquitã, the mysterious amazon stone
38 The origins of mineralogy in Brazil
42 José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva
54 Mineralogists of colonial Brazil
57 European travelers, naturalists and mineralogists
62 The French contribution
66 Foreign mineralogists active in Brazil
69 Notable national mining engineers and mineralogists
73 Cabinets of curiosities, private collections and mineralogical museums
78 The mineralogical collections of the Court and of the Imperial Family
84 The National Museum
86 The Museum of Earth Sciences
88 The Museum of Science and Technics of the Escola de Minas de Ouro Preto
92 Museu de Geociências of the Instituto de Geociências of the Universidade de São Paulo
97 The description of new minerals in Brazil
122 Discredited mineral species, varieties or synonymous
128 The class of native elements
138 The bandeirantes that explored Brazil and the Ciclo do Ouro
140 The gold of Minas Gerais
143 The fascination of gold
146 The auriferous claims
148 The gold mine of Morro Velho
153 The Mine of Passagem
155 The gold rush in Piancó
157 Gold fever in Serra Pelada
168 The gold rushes of the decade of 1980
174 The mysterious origin of platinum in Brazil
177 The seductive shine of the diamond
181 Diamantine Demarcation
187 The rapid fortune of the diamond potholes
190 The diamond claims of Bahia
192 Lençóis, the queen of claims
194 Discoveries of diamonds all over Brazil
206 Present and future of diamond exploration in Brazil
211 Kimberlitic rocks
212 Famous brazilian diamonds
220 Crystaline habits and “satellites” of the diamond
224 The carbonado diamond
227 the sulfide class
238 The halide class
242 Fluorite
245 Rare fluorides and halides that occur in Brazil
249 The class of oxides and hydroxides
250 Iron mining in Brazil
254 The Quadrilátero Ferrífero
258 The discovery of Carajás
262 Iron oxides and hydroxides
266 Manganese minerals
270 Aluminum minerals
272 The bauxite of the Amazon
274 Corundum
276 Chrysoberyl and its varieties alexandrite and cat’s eye
283 Spinel group
284 Brazil’s exceptional rutile crystals
290 Cassiterite
293 Rare earth minerals
294 Tantalum and niobium oxides
296 Microlite group
299 Rare oxides
301 The carbonate class
302 Calcite and its extraordinary variety of crystal habits
311 Siderite
313 The discovery of magnesite in Brazil
318 Dolomite
319 Rhodochrosite
320 Azurite
321 Malachite
324 Aragonite
326 The sulfate class
327 Gypsum and anhydrite
328 Barite
331 Crocoite
332 Scheelite
337 Phosphates and arsenates
339 Extraordinary apatite crystals
350 Brazilianite, the mineral that is a tribute to Brazil
354 Amblygonite and montebrasite
355 Monazite
356 Uraniferous phosphates and arsenates
360 Wardite
361 Vivianite
362 Variscite and pseudomalachite
363 Xenotime-(Y) and florencite-(La)
364 Pyromorphite
367 Eosphorite and childrenite
370 Herderite and hydroxylherderite
373 The silicate class
374 The nesosilicate subclass
375 The idiomorphic topaz
377 The superb beauty of the topaz
385 The imperial topaz of Ouro Preto
393 The Mine of Capão do Lana
397 The imperial topaz of Antônio Pereira
398 The magical allure of the euclase
407 The exotic group of the garnet
408 Garnets of the “pyralspite” series
411 Spessartine
414 The Mine of Pedra Bonita
416 Garnets of the “ugrandite” series
418 The remarkable pleochroism of andalusite
420 Kyanite and its ambiguous hardness
421 Sillimanite
422 Phenakite
424 Titanite and its characteristic crystals
427 The unique staurolite
428 Zircon
430 The sorosilicate subclass
431 Epidote
432 Vesuvianite
433 Bertrandite
434 The inosilicate subclass
435 Spodumene
442 Rhodonite
444 The cyclosilicate subclass
445 The noble beryl family
447 The legendary Serra das Esmeraldas
452 The modern discovery of emeralds in Brazil
455 The emerald mines of Bahia
458 Santa Terezinha de Goiás
463 Aquamarine and heliodor
485 The beryl of Alto dos Amâncios
486 Morganite, goshenite and green beryl
493 Tourmaline, the rainbow stone
496 The magic colors of elbaite tourmaline
500 The habits of tourmaline crystals
502 The geology of tourmaline deposits
506 Brazil’s main tourmaline deposits
508 District of São José da Safira, Água Boa, Santa Maria do Suaçuí and Marilac
509 Lavra do Cruzeiro
514 Lavra da Aricanga
516 Lavra da Pederneira
526 District of Santa Rosa, Franciscópolis
534 District of Golconda, Governador Valadares
539 District of Coronel Murta, Rubelita, Salinas, Virgem da Lapa, Araçuaí and Itinga
554 District of Conselheiro Pena, Resplendor, Galileia, Goiabeira, São Geraldo do Baixio and Divino das Laranjeiras
563 Lavra do Jonas
566 The fabulous bamburro of the Lavra do Jonas
577 The Pegmatitic Province of Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará
586 Fluor-uvite of extraordinary colors
589 Brazilian dravite
592 Schorl, the black tourmaline
594 The phyllosilicate subclass
595 The diversified mica group
602 The clay mineral group
604 The tectosilicate subclass
605 The feldspar group
608 The feldspathoids
610 Helvite
611 Scapolite
612 The surprising zeolite group
619 The large quartz family
624 Rock crystal
630 Citrine
633 Smoky quartz
636 Rose quartz
641 Exceptional amethysts
653 Quartz with inclusions
656 Rutilated quartz
661 The chalcedony
665 The fascinating designs and colors of agate
669 The discovery of agate in Brazil
674 The genesis of agate
676 “Thematic” agate
678 “Polyhedroid” agate
679 Jasper
680 Silicified wood
683 The magic of the opal
684 The precious opal of Pedro II, Piauí
688 The fire opals of Buriti dos Montes, Piauí
690 Our collaborators
697 Bibliography
702 Acknowledgments
705 Index
712 The authors




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