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In Postcards and Souvenir Albums


Formato fechado 23x32cm. Capa dura com plastificação.
220 páginas a 4 cores, papel couché 170g., 520 imagens. R$ 138,00




· A Lasting Commitment to Brazil’s Progress
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce
· A Parade of Palaces Floating along the Estuary  
Laire José Giraud
· A Voyage between Two Worlds That Sparked a Passion  

Antonio Giacomelli
· My Family and the Sea  

João Emilio Gerodetti
· Rivers Are the Roads of the Amazon Region  

Carlos Cornejo
· The Atlantic Highway  

José Carlos Rossini
· Rio de Janeiro: The Gateway to Brazil
· Vitória: “Surprising and Charming Sights”  
· The Port of Bahia de Todos os Santos
· The Port of Recife: Brazil’s Easternmost Port, the Closest to Europe  
· The Port of Belém: Boats from Deep within the Rain Forest and Ships from across the Sea  
· Navigating the Amazon River and Its Tributaries  
· Manaus: A Port at the Heart of the Continent  
· Rivers of Amazonia: 20,000 Kilometers of Navigable Waterways  
· The Port of Santos: It Started with Coffee  
· Paranaguá: Paraná State’s Main Port  
· São Francisco do Sul: Docks on the Shores of Babitonga Bay  
· Joinville: A Significant River Port  
· Itajaí: Port City of Immigrants  
· Blumenau: Colonial Port Served by River Steamers  
· Florianópolis: “Launches and Rowboats Moored along the Quay”  
· Laguna: The Coal Port  
· The Port of Rio Grande: “Flags During the Day and Burning Torches at Nightfall”  
· Porto Alegre: “The City and the Port in an Extremely Beautiful Setting”  
· Navigating the Paraná River  
· The Paraguay River: Mato Grosso State’s Main Route of Transport  
· The São Francisco River: The Intense Traffic of Wood-Burning Steamers  
· The Brazilian Navy: “Strong Arm of the Nation”  
· Lloyd Brasileiro: Navigating Rivers, Coastal Waters, and Oceans  
· Companhia Nacional de Navegação Costeira
· Lloyd Nacional: Among Brazil’s Greatest  
· Empresa Nacional de Navegação Hoepcke
· Docenave: Brazil on the World’s Oceans  
· Italian Transatlantic Liners: Sovereigns of the Sea  
· Lloyd Sabaudo: Swift and Luxurious Transatlantic Liners on the Route to South America  
· Cosulich: Seducing Passengers with Luxury  
· Navigazione Generale Italiana: “Splendidly Equipped Packets” on the Route from the Mediterranean to South America
· Lloyd Italiano: Transporting Emigrants to the Americas  
· Italia Società di Navigazione a Vapore  
· La Veloce Navigazione Italiana a Vapore  
· Italia Flotte Riunite  
· Linea “C”  
· Hamburg-Südamerikanische: “First-Rate Mail and Passenger Service to South America”  
· Hamburg-Amerika Linie: A Pioneer in Modern Transatlantic Navigation  
· Hugo Stinnes Linien  
· Norddeutscher Lloyd: From Bremen to Brazil and the River Plate  
· The Saga of the Windhuk  
· Messageries Maritimes: Maritime Mail Service from France to Brazil  
· Société Générale des Transports Maritimes à Vapeur: Providing Service from Marseille to Dakar, Brazil and the River Plate  
· Chargeurs Réunis: From Dunquerque and Le Havre to the Ports of Brazil  
· Compagnie de Navigation Sud-Atlantique: Rapid Steamers on the Line to Brazil  
· Royal Mail Line: The First on the Route to South America  
· Pacific Line and Nelson Line  
· Lamport & Holt Line  
· Booth Line: From Liverpool to the Amazon Region  
· Blue Star Line  
· From Amsterdam to Brazil on the Steamers of Royal Holland Lloyd  
· Companhia Colonial de Navegação: “Honoring the Portuguese Naval Tradition”
· Pinillos, Izquierdo y Cía.: Regular Passenger Service from Spain to Brazil
· Compañía Trasatlántica Española: The Largest Steamers of the Spanish Fleet
· Ybarra y Compañía  
· Moore-McCormack Lines  

· Osaka Shosen Kaisha: From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Country of Coffee





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